Australia’s Tara Jay conquering Hollywood in the world of acting

 Tara Jay
Tara Jay

Let’s face it; actors are interesting people. They are also the lucky ones on this planet. We, the common folk, have to toil day in and day out, just to feed the dog and pay the rent on our four foot by six foot domiciles.  But my long days of washing dirty windshields at the corner of Gower and Santa Monica Blvd. in downtown Hollywood are worth it. Why you ask? Movie stars drive most of the cars that stop at that intersection!  They’re usually on their way to work at the film studio around the corner so I also get to meet some very cool people. You know what I mean?

Like I said actors, are the lucky ones, for sure. Take Tara Jay, for instance. Yeah, she’s that really, really, really beautiful actress from Australia. She’s the one you saw in “Bush Boys,” “Dark Temptations,” Deadly Women,” 1500 Steps” and of course, “The Gauntlet.” She can play anything and what I truly admire about her particular style is that she can adapt her acting “instrument,” which is her whole body and mind, in acting speak, into just about any age she wants to play. Look at her in one thing and she’s a spry nubile teenager. Her chameleon ability then allows her to become a thirty-five year old woman in the next thing she’s in. It’s an amazing transformation! She’s like really ultra-talented.

I learn a lot about acting and actors when I’m cleaning windshields. The other day, when I was wiping one of Tara’s friend’s windows I learned that Miss Tara Jay is actually fluent in German. “Why?” I asked. The nice young lady told me that Tara Jay became a professional dancer at age 16 and left home to work in Germany for several years. Who knew that? I was certainly impressed with that bit of information. I mean someone would have to know what he or she wanted at that age in order to leave the warmth of their lovely home and risk it all to go to another country. That made me want to put Tara Jay up on a pedestal. It appears that she sets goals for herself and isn’t afraid of hard work. (Kind of like me). Of course, all you have to do is watch Tara Jay in any of the scores of projects she’s acted in to see that. Well, here comes another car. I wonder who’s behind the wheel of that dirty windshield.

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