Some people do things just for the money. Yannik Collin believes that acting should come from the heart and that the successful actors are truly passionate about the craft and art. Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt and others of their caliber, didn’t get paid very much at all when they first started out in the acting profession. Yannik understands that and he also understands the passion that drove his aforementioned peers and himself to work hard at whatever acting jobs they got in order to better themselves as thespians.

Yannik has acted in films, on the stage, in television and in music videos. He’s been around the block and yet he still keeps his passion burning strong. He does it simply because he loves acting so much that he can’t imagine himself doing anything else for a career. He did, however, work as a barista in a coffee house in Canada, but that was before he moved to L.A. to pursue acting as a profession. In fact, he was working for only one reason: to save enough money to get to Hollywood and study acting from the best teachers in the world. After that, he started working regularly and he was offered representation almost immediately, which is a rare thing indeed. His agents obviously realized solid talent and a hard work ethic when they saw it.

Besides movies and TV, Yannik is a radio host also. He was a guest on the show Accent On, several times and the show’s producer invited him to host his own segment called, Accent On Yannik. This guy must have some kind of magic working for him – or at least a lot of good karma, because he seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Of course, that seems to be the case with all the established actors and actresses, they get one good part and everyone notices them and then it’s onward and upward from then on out.

Yannik has a perfume commercial coming out soon, but he refrained from telling us the brand name. He said he wanted to surprise us. He also has several acting offers on the table, which he is pondering, along with some projects he is developing for himself. We’ll just have to wait and see what they are.