So, who is Jean Charles Rousseau? When someone mentioned him casually and then said he is one of the premiere stuntmen in the movie industry, well, that caught our attention. We found him on the Internet immediately, which means that we didn’t have to search through page after page of other guys until we found one sentence that briefly mentioned his name. He was all over the web because apparently, he is one of the premiere stuntmen in the movie industry.

One of the firs things that stuck out about him was his movie star good looks. This guy could be the next James Bond! Until then, however, he will be fighting villains and heroes in movie after movie including James Bond’s Spectre in 2015. He also did stunt work in Jason Bourne (2016), Overdrive (2017) and two other big budget films for 2018, M:I 6 – Mission Impossible and Big Bang.

WE expected to find just a few projects on his resumé but when we pulled it up on IMDB we couldn’t have been more surprised. First of all stuntmen (and women) are the unsung heroes of action movies – they do all the tough stuff for the movie stars to keep them from being injured and thus closing down the production, which would cost millions of dollars. Even knowing that we just didn’t realize that his resumé ended up being the longest one we’ve ever read. It has the most movies and TV shows that he has worked on than anyone else in the business – or so it appeared to us.

As we scrolled down even more familiar movies started popping up along with a lot of French movies, TV shows and short films. He did stunt work in Luc Besson’s science fiction movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson. He also worked on Red 2, starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren to name a few. There were just too many credits on Jean Charles’ resumé to mention here. Just going down the list quickly we counted over a hundred shows that this incredible stunt performer participated in.

After looking at Jean’s very impressive work list we saw him in action on Youtube. He fights a couple of bad guys and I actually came away from that reel feeling really sorry for those bad dudes or anyone else who gets in Jean Charles’ way. This guy is the real thing.