The Secret of Botticelli” star Adrian Annis

Adrian Annis
Adrian Annis

Adrian Annis is an amazing actor with a multitude of talents. He started out at a very young age as an athlete and a helpful businessman to his parents. Adrian is a talented man who strives for excellence. He is passionate about his works, he truly loves what he is doing.

Adrian has been in well over 80 productions in the last twelve years. That accomplishment alone is extremely impressive. You make recognize him from the Harry Potter series. He played a deatheater in both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. He has played many extraordinary roles, playing criminals in films such as Keeper, Art of Darkness, and My Guardian Angel as well as heroic men in films like Survival and Fur Meinen Vater.

Adrian has worked on many other spectacular short films as well. He has starred in shorts such as Quantum, Collide, and The Car, which were all award winning films. Just to name a few, Adrian has starred in Eva’s Diamond, The Crack, Dark Rage, We’re Not Blood, and Run Away With Me. One of Adrian’s favorite roles to play was in a short called Aldo. In this piece he played in an emotional and raw scene that was very personal to the director. With Adrian’s astounding talent he was able to move the director to tears and it was a defining moment for Adrian and his fellow cast members.

Adrian has done an amazing job. He prefers to jump right in and put all his energy into his work. He is an impressive man who has accomplished many feats. Adrian continues to work hard as he begins to work on more projects. He will be working on a film entitled The Secret of Botticelli, and he will also be working on the sequel to this period piece which will be titled Botticelli Murders. These are just two of the numerous works that he will begin to be working on in the future, and Adrian’s future is very, very bright.

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