First Ever Organic Mouthwash Oralogica

In our everyday life; we always think about ourselves but when it comes to the things we use that are slowly affecting our health, we don’t even think about them. Every morning when we wash our teeth with our branded mouthwash, did we ever think that if this mouthwash is affecting our oral health? No, because we have no time for that. We have no time to stop for a second and think about our health. We are just following the trends and using the things which are trending. The need of the hour is that we should manage time for ourselves and differentiate between the things that beneficial for us and can cause damage to us. Countless types of mouthwashes are available in the market and they all say that they are the best but no one will ever tell you about the damages that a mouthwash can cause. When we use a mouthwash, we invite these diseases and health issues.
Canker sore irritation.
Very bad breath.
Mouth cancer because of alcohol.
Swelling of mouth due to the surfactants.
Cuts in our stomach and food pipe in case of drinking.

Scary, aren’t they? We are now thinking that if these mouthwashes are affecting our health badly than what’s the alternative?

Oralogica: The organic mouthwash

The alternative is organic mouthwash which is invented by “David Dolezal”. Organic mouthwash is completely health friendly and safe because no chemicals and toxins are added into it. It is purely made by organic ingredients to make your beautiful face smile. It has no alcohol, glycerin, or surfactants added into it. The chief manager of Oralogica and inventor of organic mouthwash named RINSE, David Dolezal is a passionate person who wants everyone to live a better and more productive life while avoiding the harmful chemicals and toxins. RINSE is available for just $7.
RINSE vs other mouthwash:

RINSE is made with the blend of essential natural oils, distilled water, and 100% natural xylitol. These things are completely safe and provide no harm to the health of human being.

On the other hand, we have a mouthwash we daily use. It contains water, alcohol (21.6%), menthol, thymol, sodium benzoate, glycerin, sodium saccharin, poloxamer 407 and FD&C green no 3. Some of these things are highly dangerous for our oral health. And glycerin is known to block the teeth from absorbing essential nutrients.

An initiative of Oralogica:

David’s initiative is to provide everyone with the products that are natural and healthy. His team of researchers is always working to make a better product for you. But he needs your feedback on RINSE so that he will be able to improve his newly invented product. In his recently launched campaign, he wants to sell 30,000 bottles of RINSE and the money he will from those bottles will be used in the infrastructure of Oralogica, the mass shipment plan and in fixing the glitches that they may have in their system. Therefore, use it and back it. Support them with your money so that they can provide everyone around the world with RINSE and the other upcoming products of Oralogica.

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