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Support For Mompreneur
Support For Mompreneur

My mother who’s been a nurse for over 10 years helping the elderly,  the sick, the dying and  I have to say it hasn’t been easy. Putting us through through college and sacrificing what she had to in order for us to get an education. My mother is beautiful inside and out and I want for her what she wants from us  happiness and success.

She recently lost her job due to discrimination because they didn’t like the color of her hair (shame we still deal with this mistreatment today). I would love to support her dreams and give back by setting up her company. I want her to continue doing what she loves in the field that she loves.

All I’m asking for is 0.50 cents from everyone  who believes we can make a difference. I  want to open up hundreds  of jobs for nurses, home health aides, CNA’s and others in the health field.

With the success of our campaign I want our parents and grandparents to be assured that they will be taken care of as they get older, regardless of whatever insurance they have.  Denying people help  or assistance is wrong and we want to change that.

“Don’t be afraid to give Now  for a better tomorrow”So if you want to help  just click on the link below

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