Sam Hayden-Smith
Sam Hayden-Smith

Model, actor, director, writer…will the real Sam Hayden-Smith please stand up?

Okay, then, which one of these hats does Sam where? We know that he’s a highly successful model. How could he not be with that 6’1 frame, athletic build and sparkling blue eyes? We’ve also seen him in a bunch of films and TV shows, so we know he’s an actor, too.

Okay, should we stop there or move on? Right, let’s move on. Well Sam has apparently gotten the director’s bug and created a short film called, Lao Gong.

“I never set out to be a film maker and actually much prefer to be in front of the camera but this is a story that had to be told…so I told it.”

Inspired by true events and shot on location in a remote village in China the film focuses on the human trafficking problem rampant in rural China. Written and Directed by Sam, he took control and placed the camera where he thought best and guided the actors’ performances throughout the production. The film has been highly praised and positively reviewed as it has raised awareness to this controversial topic.

So, where did Sam get all of this talent? Maybe, just maybe, he had it inside of him this whole time without telling anyone. Of course, his stringent schooling and focused training could have helped bring some of it to the surface, but we think Sam always knew what he wanted to do even if he didn’t realize it on a conscious level. That is, when he was much younger he probably caught glimpses of himself acting just being a storyteller when he was all grown up. You never know and actually, only Sam will ever know and he might tell you if you ask him.

Sam’s extensive acting experience has culminated in his mature grasp of the characters he plays. He can play anything from a gentle and sensitive young man to a hardened older tough guy who would and could take your head off if he felt threatened. Sam has the ability to “dance” with his characters, meaning that he lets the character take over and he just goes along for the ride.

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