Alfredo Trueba has had a busy year. He’s appeared on stage and screen too many times to name and he’s been announced to be starring in the upcoming series Dronez y Ladronez, which is set to start filming at the top of 2018. He’s also set to appear in The Vagrancy’s Romeo and Juliet, the LA-based theater company he has been a member of since last year, as well as an original play set to debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival about the life of Salvador Dalí, with him in the title role.

“It’s really funny,” recalls Trueba when we talked to him, “the more acting jobs, the more this industry opens up, not just in acting roles but when involved in different aspects of production”. Trueba will also add on to Dronez as a director for a couple of episodes, telling us its become quite natural for the leading role of a show to take a more hands-on approach, “and directing,” he adds, “is the logical next step in being at the center of the storytelling process”.

And though his slate for next year is quickly filling up, he has made the time to support other films he is associated with, pointing out to us Absolute Vow, the biblical thriller he was featured on, became an Official selection at the Marquee on Main and Fake Flesh Film Festivals. The two-time nominated “Best Feature” is now available worldwide on  DVD. You can read more about Trueba and Absolute Vow at