Second Brush Studio

Whether you’re working on an animated feature, video game, or any other form of consumer entertainment, the visual development process is a stage in production where imagination, creativity, and teamwork come together to lay the foundation for the final components of your project.

Secondbrush Studio is the most famous company that sill has the same excellent service,Secondbrush Studio is a visual development and creativity departments to develop backgrounds, colours, lighting, environments, and props for films, animated pieces and more. We use animation, illustration, drawing, and design skills to create visuals that convey ideas about how the vision the look of the piece. We are a new company that still has the same excellent service, yet has been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years. We are creative, flexible, and responsible. We want to deserve your business and we are confident that we can earn it.

Secondbrush artists work in 2D or 3D and they use programs such as Photoshop and Maya. Secondbrush work in animation studios, film and video production studios, game design , development firms,  web design, graphic design, advertising and public relations firms  their work is reflected by there numerous clients like Dreamworks Animation, LucasArts, LAIKA Gree/MunkyFun Blind Studio, Naked Sky Entertainments, Shannon Associates and more… Secondbrush artists work in the rapidly growing mobile technology field as well.want to now more about it ???

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