Anne-Solenne Hatte

Sometimes, and it doesn’t happen all that often, a woman comes along whose incredible beauty is equal to her dazzling talent as an actress. It’s mostly subjective, however, but when there is a consensus of opinion as to talent equalling beauty, then the actress is taken very serious by all those who have anything to say about what picture gets made or which stage play is produced and who gets cast in which parts. She is also taken just as seriously by her audience. Anne-Solenne Hatte is one of those people who have been blessed with both beauty and brains and enough talent as an actress to fill an Olympic size swimming pool with Oscars and BAFTRA Awards.

Anne Solenne Hatte was born in France to a French father and a Vietnamese mother. At the Sorbonne in Paris she studied the history of cinema and then went on for more extensive training as a stage actress by the famous French director, actor and professional drama teacher, Jean-Laurent Cochet. While she was still in university however, her rare natural beauty attracted a photographer, which secured her employment as a model in ads for Cartier, Levi’s and Biotherm, to name just a few. She was then seen by a casting agent and snagged a great role in the movie Ocean’s Twelve, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

There was no stopping her after that. She was in the Luc Besson production of Lockout, starring Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce and directed by Stephen Saint Leger and James Mathers. Perhaps we left out the word “luck” when we were discussing Anne’s beauty and talent. It sure seems that she is always in the right place at the right time when it comes to movie and stage roles. Did we mention that she scored the coveted lead role in Romeo and Juliet and she played the character Phoebe in Shakespeare’s As You Like It? Both of these productions were in Paris and received much attention and high praise, along with terrific reviews for Ms. Anne-Solenne Hatte.

She has been in countless stage plays and movies since then and recently she graced millions of TV screens in HBO’s popular action military show Strikeback. She is also in director Joey Curtis’ Winter’s Dream and will portray a Russian ballerina in writer/director Branden Morgan’s upcoming The Ledger. We should have also added “very busy” to the aforementioned descriptions of Anne.