There are few figures in music more polarizing than Cloudy Wingz.

The “Black Dreams” and “Clap” rapper hasn’t wasted any time lapping his local industry counterparts.

Just 3 years into his illustrious career, Cloudy has hit the kind of milestones most local artists can only dream of.And as a signed international artist, he keeps winning.

But what’s so intriguing is that Cloudy has never released a single album, has hardly done shows, and has never released any music videos, well not just yet, so it’s been truly incredible to watch his rapid growth (which is heavily documented online).

And remember: He did this without a major label. Cloudy wasn’t expected to graduate high school or make it past his 21st birthday And now, a few years later, Cloudy’s name is not only a badge of recognition, but it’s also a testament to his hustle. He has diversified his ventures beyond the streets to hip-hop and now the corporate world.

At first glance, it may seem odd that so many rappers become entrepreneurs. But think about it: They’re experts at making something from nothing. After working so hard to sell themselves and their music, many rappers find it fairly natural to cross over and market other products and lifestyle brands to fans.

And no matter if we’re talking song lyrics or investments or the creation of a luxury online store brand like Cloudy’s Emporium, artists who rap have an uncanny ability to remain relentlessly focused on money and the mindset to “get paid.” Which reminds me of the hot new single by Cloudy Wingz “Get Paid” which was recorded at Aeros Independent Studios of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s coming soon so be on the lookout!