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Maxime Releases New Album “The Honest Me P1”

Believing in making his way out into this world and falling through into exploration, Maxime Boublil made it all way from Paris, France to Australia soon after he found out that he held a lot more interest in the guitar strings as compared to a cello. After composing more than fifty songs all by himself, he took a leap of faith and debuted with his very first album, “Honest Me Pt1”.

The album is composed of 7 tracks that can make you feel young, wild and free all at the same time. The opening track, “Is This Love?”, has a light theme yet it stands highly relatable for the listeners as it talks about the feeling of experiencing an emotion you think is love for the very first time. The song holds a rhythm that builds up into an alternative beat making it one of the most famous songs of Maxime.

The next two tracks that follow up “W.T.T.W” and “Look At Me Now” hold a gradual anthem feel to them; secretly playing with the beat of the listener’s heart and taking them elsewhere. Maxime’s flexible vocals speak quite the volumes throughout the album even though it is his first album ever. The rest of the four tracks, “Little Words”, “Damned”, “Tonight” and “Apologies” all start on a delicate note building up gradually into a deeper melody with lyrics that speak about the things people go through and how they hold a different meaning for every individual.

Maxime made quite an impression with his skills as a singer and a songwriter and portrayed his potential as a young passionate musician in such an uncommon subgenre of the alternative rock music. It will be interesting and fun to see him progress and create even more relatable music but within a dream-pop genre. Maxime has incredible vocals that work well with progression when it comes to catching the right notes at the right time. Honest Me P1 is the album to listen to if you need a bittersweet reality check that keeps you down to earth and composed altogether from time to time. 

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