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Asian Rock Singer AMEL D Goes Viral after Released New Single, I’m Your Rain

Asian Rock Singer who was called ‘D’ currently lives in Indonesia. She has released a new single “I’m Your Rain” (Dec 16, 2019). This single entry into the new album titled CROSS TO HELL (release in 2020). Other songs on the album, entitled Whoop It Up, Destroyer, Slay Away, and Hype Of The Heaven.

Have you ever a long distance relationship (LDR)? Loving someone who will never you reach? Imagining someone that you love just from their shadow at night? or falling love with another there when you feel hurt? This feeling strives to be delivered now by AMEL D in her new single, I’m Your Rain.
Started her career in 2017 prior the album REVIVED, AMEL D successfully ingratiated hearts of foreign markets with the single Inside Destruction (2018) with the nuance of Linkin Park as her music inspire. Then CROSS TO HELL will be released next year, AMEL D now consistent with her genre identity and focus in music as a Alternative Rock Singer. After produce ten months to finish I’m Your Rain, she’s expected this song can be enjoyed by audiences in 2020. Basically, I’m Your Rain tells about many aspects. This song brought audience to judge themselves for meaning the song.

As the title, this song seems to be heard when rains. Talk about alternative rock, AMEL D rated successfully revive this genre in world’s music. I’m Your Rain expected to be selection of songs for a playlist entry and one of your favorite songs. No doubt listen, you’ll love I’m Your Rain. Do not forget to follow her social media of AMEL D in @therealameld (Instagram) and so the website at to keep up newest update.

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