Chris Perguidi The Clown Triumphant

By Adam Hayes

It’s been a hell of a year for the Clown Prince Of Wrestling. It started with Perguidi The Clown being blackballed from pro-wrestling and spiraled out of control as his allies left him and his finances seemingly dwindled Perguidi the clown disappeared from bay area sports entertainment…. many thought forever.

As World Champion Athlete Chino Gambino issued an open challenge Perguidi emerged from the shadow Taking that challenge. At first, the authorities at L.C.W tried to stop the match as perguidi had been banned but Chino reminded them that Perguidi was still registered with the state boxing and wrestling commission. The heroic and stoic champion Chino had unfinished business with the vile and villainous Clown.

Many wondered where the clown had been and many thought that he had been abandoned by his family and allies and left to die on the streets but all was not lost for the clown, as the clown revealed in later interviews with us, as he was summoned back to his ancestral homelands and his family estates in Italy.

He did not know what to expect when he returned to
Poppi Castle, the home of the Perguidi Patriarch his
great grand uncle Leone “The Pheonix ” Perguidi.
Would he be reprimanded for his failure to destroy the enemies of the perguidi clan?
This was not the case as he was greeted with the unfortunate news his beloved Great Uncle had passed.
The Estate of Perguidi Castle informed him that he was the new lord of the manor and that his fortunes had greatly increased.

Taking time to learn his duties as the new
head of the perguidi family the clown was swept away from any ideas of ever wrestling again but the thought of finishing his rivalry was burning in the back of his mind .Chino Gambino(L.C.W Champion) had defeated all possible contenders to his world heavyweight title except one! Perguidi knew that Chino Gambino would issue an open challenge as he was a fighting champion.

Flying in on his private helicopter, Perguidi Emerged from the shadows to battle his longest rivalry.
It seemed chino would win this bout but an old ally appeared none other than J.D Slater. Slater attacked both competitors and made sure perguidi got the pin and the title. Perguidi was made the new heavyweight wrestling champion. Once again Empowered by the immense wealth of his family and having the world title his allies returned as well as new ones. Now a Multi-Millionaire, Champion and head of a vast organization Perguidi the clown Seems undefeatable. Who knows what hell the Clown will raise this year?

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