Hiring a Live Band… Where to Start

Everybody knows a party isn’t a party without music. Music touches people in a way other media just couldn’t achieve. As the saying goes… “A picture paints a thousand words but music moves the soul”.

So what if you had a special event which required some form of Party Bands for Hire? For example a wedding? Where would you begin? I mean there are hundreds upon thousands of artists craving some exposure and most importantly parting you with your hard earned cash.

A wedding is supposed to be the bride and grooms most treasured occasion so picking the perfect live entertainment can make it the dream day they had both planned or the nightmare that fuelled the hangover. In this blog post, I hope to make this daunting decision just that little bit easier to make.


Define your Audience

This may sound like a silly first step but that doesn’t make it any less important. Are the bride, groom, and guests younger in age or are they of an older generation? Knowing this you’ll save a younger audience listening to someone they are too young to have ever even heard of and someone with a few more miles on the clock from the dreaded Bieber covers.

Take into consideration the taste of the bride and groom as well as your guests. There are millions of genres out there to choose from so pick a mixture but try and cater to as many of the attendees as you can.

Book a Band for an Event

So where do you begin to look… Well, this is going to sound cliché but the best place honestly is Google. A quick search term of “Hire a Party Band” threw out millions of results. Just make sure if you’re able to refine your results to a band/ artists that are local to you.

Another option would be to look in your local area’s classified ads for Bands for Hire London. The local classifieds in my area are called Gumtree so just have a browse and see what you can turn up.

The final option I would suggest specifically if you are looking for live bands even for a wedding would be going to your local drinking establishments clubs, pubs etc… Etc.. You may think that this would be a waste of time but it’s these types of places that will be holding live bands/ musical event contact details.

Band Hire cost

So you’ve found the perfect band for the special event, you’ve spoken to their manager or spoke to them in person now comes the terrifying negotiation stage. Always… Always… Always try to negotiate. The price advertised may not be set in stone especially if you take some business cards and hand them out to your guests as a favor for the band.

In conclusion

So there it is just a few points to make planning the event just that Lil bit easier. Bands are always a good way to get people who wouldn’t normally socialize getting together and having fun over common ground. Hopefully, this article helps you when coming to a decision on that very important day.