For All Eyes Always

A unique concept of filmmaking is in store for all of us movie lovers in the new hit ‘For All Eyes Always’. Directed by Rob Gordon Bralver and produced by Amy Child.

The premise sounds simple enough: In a time of widespread distrust of our government, the CIA creates a fully transparent reality TV show to win back the faith of the American public.

We all (most of us, anyway) love reality shows but this one is a show with a bit of a twist. Audiences go undercover on black ops missions around the globe and see real time and real world effects that the fictional show runner characters create.

As the first season unfolds, we wonder – how much is real and how much is propaganda? Once our charismatic host “Swamp Fox” leads us down the figurative rabbit hole it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. The lines blur between reality, television, movies and the devastating explosions and automatic weapons fire in an age when everything is on camera. There truly isn’t anything out there like this film.

Shooting in so many locations gives the film its stunning views and a feel of authenticity. When a gun goes off or a deafening grenade detonates, the audience doesn’t know whether they should dive under a chair, look to see if any cast members were hurt or applaud the action. Once the movie kicks into action, which is right away, it’s a non-stop thrill ride from then on.

Working with a small budget, this film actually turned out to be a top of the line production. Producer Amy Child says it’s her best project to date and by far the most enjoyable. Her talents and producing skills can be credited with bringing such high production values to this wonderfully fun action/comedy film. Apparently, Mrs. Child knows her stuff and does her homework very thoroughly.

Amy Child is rumored to have a few more fast paced, exciting productions in the works for 2016/2017. Be on the lookout for her next project ‘Ramification’ – but be careful – they are addicting.