Ricky Garcia Film ANGEL is Now available on Amazon

ANGEL is available on Amazon and iTunes, a film produced and distributed by Ambassador Film Group. It stars Ricky Garcia, a former Disney star best known for his roles in Best Friends Whenever (2015) and Secrets at the Lake (2019).

The story follows a Latino homeless boy (Garcia), who lives in East LA. Gifted with special abilities, he has to face his own demons alongside the devil himself as he performs miracles to help save his local community. Recognised as an underground hero, he soon draws the attention of Mr. Jones, a corrupt politician with a dark secret and a desire to stop the phenomenon Ricky is capable of performing.

Styled as a ‘Cinenovela,’ the film is fast-paced, beautifully scored and non-conventionally faith-based. A film for Latinos, it mixes traditional telenovela production techniques into a feature length film. Captured in East LA, with broad, sweeping shots of the city, ANGEL also stars Jacob Young, an Emmy-Award winner, and Erwin McManus, the Head of Mega Church Mosaic, as well as influencers Apryl Jones and Olivia Jordan (former Miss USA).

As one of the only independent film companies in the US targeting Latinos, Ambassador is led by Christian de Gallegos, an experienced film distributor known for his work on The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers Club.

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