Wonder Woman Storyline

It’s clear that all the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a direct effect on what is happening with Warner Bros. and its DC Comics imprint. Clearly, the audience has a huge appetite for well-made movies that share the same universe with characters that can cross over from one film to another. DC’s Big Three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman offers the biggest hope for Warner Bros. that it can make movies that will have the same appeal as what Marvel has done so well this past decade.

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island, you’ve probably seen tons of information about the <> movie online, including trailers and interviews with the cast and filmmakers about this potential mega-movie. Trailers that showcase inventive action, great setpieces and a lead character who seems to fit neatly into the World War I setting, have stoked audience expectations. Wonder Woman has always played third fiddle in DC Comics’ Big Three pantheon, but with this film about to open on June 2, 2017, that status may quickly change.

Viewers of a certain age may remember the Wonder Woman TV series from the 1970s that starred the beautiful Lynda Carter. Although that show had a heavy dose of camp, millions of fans flocked to watch Carter twirl into the titular superhero whose magic lasso could compel even the strongest villain to fess up and reveal all.

From what viewers can glean through trailers and interviews, this new incarnation of Wonder Woman will dispense with the camp, and tell a fun but serious origin story about the heroine who lives on an island of fierce Amazons, and her initiation into a world she never really knew existed.

The storyline will recount how Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman movie online meets a World War I American soldier who has washed up on the shores of her home, and how he informs her about the world conflict and how she can help turn the tide against the bad guys. It appears that the film will spend some time establishing Wonder Woman’s home and background, and then switch gears to her entrance into Europe and how she affects the world war.

From the Wonder Woman online trailers, the villains appear to be the Germans, with a German general in particular as the Big Bad who is seemingly trying to create some kind of secret weapon to win the war. The filmmakers have kept details of the ultimate villain close to the vest, but there are rumors that Ares, the God of War who appears often in the Wonder Woman comics, may factor in as well.

Section 2: Personal Thoughts and Expectations

With that said, expectations for Wonder Woman are high, because this is the first comic book film directed by a woman and starring a woman. Audiences seem ready to cheer on a female superhero, and because Wonder Woman is an iconic character, there is high awareness about this movie.

The trailers of the Wonder Woman movie online reveal that the filmmakers have created a very specific world in which Wonder Woman inhabits, and the World War I setting is the perfect way to introduce her origin story. And unlike the grim and dark Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Wonder Woman film seems to have a healthy dose of humor and fun amidst all the ground-shaking action. The filmmakers appear to have cast the right actress to play this role, and they also seem to understand that these kinds of films benefit from a light touch, something that Marvel Films has mastered.

Early reviews have been very good, with critics praising the portrayal of Wonder Woman, and the humor and action as being first-rate. Fans, who can’t wait for June 2, can get an appetizer by watching the various Wonder Woman 2017 full movie online  until the big day arrives. Box-office returns are promising, and if the movie is a hit, expect a sequel within a couple of years.