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Manuel Soro as the Italian Mobster- good typecasting? Soro hits the big screen again as a mob boss in Emerald Run

Italian actor Manuel Soro doesn’t mind being typecast as the ‘Italian Mobster’- in fact he welcomes it! Most successful actors are typecast…think Hugh Grant as the affable, charming Englishman in Four Weddings and Funeral, About a Boy, Love Actually and well, basically every film he’s ever been been in! Think Samuel L. Jackson, Jim Carey, Tom Cruise…all typecast! It’s the recipe to success in show business.

Soro, who is repped by Take Off Artist Management, has played many incarnations of the ‘Italian mafioso’ but in Emerald Run he plays a mobster with a twist: his character, Padre Vincenzoa is a mob boss masquerading as a Catholic Priest. Soro deftly negotiates the double duty role, convincing both as the Priest and the mobster.

The Emerald Run of the films’ title is attempted by John Thomas (David Chokachi) as a means of saving his daughter. He is duped by Padre Vincenzoa (Manuel Soro) into smuggling the emeralds across the Mexican border but the deal goes south and he is left for dead. His survival becomes a search for meaning and enlightenment in the brutally harsh desert landscape.

Ahead of a January 2020 theatrical release the faith-based action film will debut this month at the Milan International Film Festival and has been nominated for 5 Awards, including Best Director for Eric Etebari.

Etebari and Soro are longtime collaborators, having previously co-starred in The Brasoulo Brother’s, and they are set to star in the upcoming feature Scarlett and the Mobster- another chance for Soro to exercise his gangster chops!

Manuel Soro is represented by Take Off Artist Management.

Emerald Run Trailer:

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