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The Multi-Talented Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark is certainly an interesting guy. He’s a very talented actor, to say the least, and among other things, he was a well-known drummer and a super tennis player. The thread that connects each of these disciplines is how Charlie has always managed to will himself to the top of whatever he was doing at any given time. He wasn’t just a drummer – he was a great drummer by all measurements including by the people who witnessed his playing.

He also wasn’t just a tennis player out there hitting balls on a Saturday afternoon. He was a highly competitive player and a force to be reckoned with. In fact, that force graduated high school at 15 and then he went to four colleges. Okay, yes, he was kicked out of three of them and dropped out of the fourth but to many people that is just expresses Charlie’s real personality. That is, He will try something until he knows it’s not for him and then he will shuck it off like a cornhusk and move on. Many of the great actors and directors have done the same thing. Robert Downey Jr, among others, knew that he wanted to be an actor so he just got rid of everything in his way, including school, and became one of the best actors in the world today. When you hear Downey’s interviews he sounds as though he has a PhD. And that’s exactly the way Charlie rolls. He sees what is needed and does it and releases everything else into the galaxy. He did, and he doesn’t really talk about it at all, receive intensive training at the Stella Adler Academy and went through programs at the Groundlings and UCB along with screenwriting courses. So he is well versed in acting techniques and what it takes to take on any part that he wants to play.

He doesn’t like talking awards either but since he is not typing this piece I will mention that he has won Best Actor and Critics Rising Star in several international film festivals. Charlie is a unique person and a fine actor. He is very focused and very professional. He comes to the stage and to the set prepared and ready to hit his mark and say his lines with the conviction and the realism of someone who is there to do the best job he can.

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