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A Great Artist Zavok

There’s been a lot of rumors flying around lately about a brand new artist to hit the scene called Zavok, although some refer to him or her as Za Vok and it is uncertain whether it’s two separate names or just one, in fact it’s uncertain whether just about anything you hear about them is true or not and the artist behind the work work is said to be so uninterested in being famous in the personality sense of the word and so protective of their privacy that they won’t even disclose what their gender is.

Zavok is one of a growing number of artists and creatives these days that reject the notion of celebrity and who purely wants their presence to be about their work and their work alone, from Banksy to Kraftwerk and stretching right back to all the numerous authors and ghostwriters that have published under different pen names throughout the ages, so the syndrome is nothing new and in this increasingly crazy culture where the notion of fame and celebrity has grew so much and spiraled well and truly away from anything that resembles any sane normal life, the amount of people choosing to do this is surely likely to grow.

In fact much of Zavok’s work mocks the notion of fame that’s based around an individual and their personality and when publishing their work they will often use hash tags like “silly” and “personality cult” so it’s quite plain to see they have nothing but a subversive disdain for celebrity and the whole culture that it sustains, especially when it is based on nothing more than the person themselves as an individual.

Zavoks work also subversively mocks and ridicules much of mainstream society in that typical way that any modern artist is expected to do so these days. However Zavok doesn’t always like to make their satirical gestures too apparent and will often hide an image withing another camouflaged in what looks like an abstract and sometimes unseeingly manor, many of the subversive features in the pieces they publish aren’t always apparent unless you already know what to look for, in a true Aubrey Beardsley style, an artist who Zavok openly claims to greatly admire.

So there you are folks, yet another new and cheeky upstart of an artist certain to ruffle their fair share of feathers but only time will tell if they leave their mark, I would say not as most artists of this style are in my opinion moribund these days and rarely take the risks necessary to truly make the grade, Aubrey Beardsley was new and cutting edge just over a hundred years ago but these days would be nothing new and neither IMO is Zavok, but hey you never know.

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