“Just Take It Day By Day” A rare tell-all interview with Pop vixen Miss Ken

Pop music has always given us beautiful sound from a diverse group of artists, however for decades the beauty standards have been consistently just as unrealistic as the magazine beauty standards. Even today, its quite rare to see an artist that represents women of all sizes & backgrounds. Miss Ken is a rare find, an upcoming pop-diva that proudly struts her full figure. Miss Ken is one of hopefully many who will break the glass ceiling in music.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Trippie Redd, SZA or Doja Cat!

What was going through your mind when you made “Cherries”?

All i could think about is who it was written about for and why it was made, But It brought a lot of confidence within me, and made me feel that I can stand up for myself when people treat me wrong

On that note, what should we expect from AQUA?

Honestly just kind of expect different from this album. It’s got a very wide range of sound. As you can tell, ‘Cherries’ & ‘Miss Mary Jane are tons of blended elements. Expect a beautiful concoction of music.

Outside of just music- you’ve started a vlog. You shared very brave parts of your story on your vlog. What’s your advice to someone who’s been through a lot, and still wants to persevere?

Just take it day by day. I have a hard time with this myself sometimes, because I’ve let my anger take over for me with my experiences with how others have treated me, and experiences in my life.

We know you’ve said you see yourself straying from music in the future- tell us more about you?

I have been struggling with anger- I’ve had a lot happen in the past few months, and my life just doesn’t stop. I would love to be a nurse, it would fulfill my life with the satisfaction of helping others, it really satisfies my heart.. a lot. I love the work I’ve done in healthcare. I also plan to eventually open my candle line soon.  My late aunt Sarah inspired this candle line, she really wanted me to do it before she passed, so I am going to do it for her.

Miss Ken- A compassionate & loving woman with a heart of pure gold, and a beautifully harmonic voice. After struggling with the anger and sadness of mourning, she keeps going with her debut release and her candle line, taking it day by day as she says. Without a doubt, day by day, she is preparing to take the new wave of pop by storm.

Listen to the timeless debut single “Cherries” below.

Miss Ken – Cherries (Remix)

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