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Skag recently dropped the album “Non-Binary Disengagement”

Industrial noise artist “SKAG” recently released “Non-Binary Disengagement” back in March 2021 earlier this year. The album marks Lincoln Torreyson’s third release as “SKAG” and is a collection of earlier works by the vocalist/producer.

The album features mostly raw recordings and harsh noise mixes with some material dating back to 2005. Torreyson admits that he recently relapsed while producing what will become the fourth installment of a new “SKAG” album set to be released in early 2022. “I just went into a dark place” Torreyson recalls “I was sober and getting myself together and somewhere between the treatment group and the studio sessions I decided to use again and now I’m currently dealing with the effects of those decisions”

You can check out SKAG on #SoundCloud

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