Latest Interview With Patrick Schmetzer , Photographer and Filmmaker from Germany

This week we chat with Frankfurt based Multi Media Designer Patrick Schmetzer, in our interview series Lets Chit Chat !

What do you like most about photography?

This is really a difficult question! If I have to determine the most attractive aspect of photography, I will have to be blatantly dishonest. Regardless of all the factors that are not directly related to the craft itself, I would say that the fairly free range of artistic expression generally accepted by most people is definitely something I appreciate. The small errors that can be avoided in the field technology are another point that makes the work constantly challenging. Personally, I think this is intellectually satisfactory.

When taking professional hotel photographs, what things do you think are really important?

Apart from technical and artistic issues, one piece of advice I can offer to anyone who wants to be serious about hotel photography is to understand and manage the importance of customer expectations from the beginning.

The saying “It’s all in the details” definitely applies to hotel photography. How important do you think the details are?

There is no doubt that details are the most important artistic aspect of photography. The Internet provides a lot of information about photography and editing techniques, and as more and more people can afford SLR cameras, the details of any photographic field are the difference between amateurs and professionals. Almost anyone can take a balanced, beautiful photo, but few people can take a photo that really evokes real emotions.

Do you have any tips for taking beautiful hotel photographs such as yours?

To keep it short, it is important to take multiple photos from different angles and heights and choose the one you like. One of them may end up being good enough.

You also like taking landscape images don’t you? Could you tell us more and show us one of your favourite images? 

In fact, this is my current focus area. I recently started to focus on building my landscape portfolio, which does require a lot of time and money, but these experiences are priceless.

Which destinations have you enjoyed visiting the most so far?

This is another very difficult question, and coincidentally, it is also a question I am often asked. The answer is completely subjective and cannot be answered. Fortunately, I have not been to a place I will regret later. Each destination has its own charm and unique characteristics. The most important thing is that each destination provides a different experience; there are some meaningful things that you can carry with you for a lifetime. I may discover and learn more through travel than any other medium.

Please could you share a few of your shots?

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