An Exclusive Interview with actress Maria Hojas

The actress Maria Hojas and her unique style. We have seen her style in different red-carpet events but now we want to show you some of her casual outfits.

We asked her what is the most important thing when she goes shopping new clothes and when she picks new outfits.

How would you define your style?

Very relax, I go for the perfect mix between comfortable and what I like, I love the 80’s fashion, I love denim jackets and high raise pants. Red lips for make up is a classic, or smoky eyes with something light on your lips. I am a fan of the basics and classics, simplicity is the key to brilliance, we must believe in our own beauty, so we have to let

some space visually for that to happen, if we cover ourselves with tons of make up and tons of jewelry and distracting clothes, then you don’t glow.

What is something you always carry in your purse?

I always carry my headphones, sometimes when I forget them it’s a nightmare, life without music doesn’t make any sense to me, Carmex for my lips and a play to read, I am always reading something. If it’s not a play it’s a book about whatever is haunting me.


What is the last thing you bought for your closet?

A kimono, I didn’t really buy it, it was a gift from a new clothing store I was modeling for. So, I got it for free.

Who would be your fashion idol or icon?

Jane Birkin, Adele Exarchopoulos and Winona Ryder.