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Women Who Rock with Success

Women Who Rock with Success is an affiliate of The National Extraordinary Professional Women; which was launched in 2012. It began as a philanthropic platform for women. Diane wanted to develop women more in the areas of business & start up business. She branched out with he 25 years of experience she had in leadership development and management and began meeting with women in professional venues all over Memphis, Tennessee. Her goal was to impact city, government, and state professional women by providing them with business tools, resources, and networking opportunities to develop their business and to launch their own professional brand. The opportunities grew for women and Women Who Rock with Success podcast was launched and months later their digital Women Who Rock with Success magazine.


Diane wanted to target women internationally so that all women could be reached. Women Who Rock with Success will be launching a new phase in 2017 for professional women which is coming to Roku/Comcast/Amazon Prime and more media platforms so that women will retrieve more content and value from our brand in the areas of business/entertainment/ and lifestyle living. Women continues to provide media broadcasting for professional and entrepreneurial women for business and success and entertainment.