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Burrito Brouhaha: Director and Star Clash Over Missing Chipotle on Set of Zodiac Crush


Hold onto your burritos, folks!! Because things are heating up on the set of Zodiac Crush! Our sources have uncovered a saucy little incident that went down between director Mike Anthony and star of the show Michelle Ravitch over a missing bowl of Chipotle.

According to insiders, Michelle was feeling peckish and ordered herself a meal from Chipotle via Uber Eats to keep her energy levels up. But when the delivery arrived, she noticed that one of the bowls was missing. Oh, the horror!

Feeling like a hangry diva, Michelle took it upon herself to call up Chipotle directly to demand that they send over the missing bowl IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, this didn’t sit too well with Mike, who was keen to keep filming on schedule, and was not about to waste his precious studio time over a chipotle bowl..(yikes people got to eat Mike!)

The two got into a SPICY LITTLE SPAT, with Mike telling Michelle to hang up the phone and get back to work But Michelle wasn’t about to back down. She kept on arguing until she eventually managed to wrangle 15 brand new bowls of Chipotle out of the store. Talk about guac-ing the talk!

Our insider, a background photographer who wishes to remain anonymous, captured exclusive photos of the tiff. The tension on set was palpable, with crew members feeling as uncomfortable as a bowl of beans in a crowded elevator.

Despite the dramatic clash, it seems that time truly heals all wounds. Recent sightings of the two at Chipotle suggest that they have buried the hatchet and moved on from the incident. But for those who witnessed the drama unfold, the memory will live on as one of the most explosive moments in Zodiac Crush history.

As the buzz around Zodiac Crush continues to grow, fans are left wondering what other drama might be lurking beneath the surface. Will Michelle and Mike’s feud rear its head again, or will they continue to put their differences aside in the name of great television? Only time will tell. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on all the latest Zodiac Crush news, and be sure to subscribe for more articles on the drama, romance, and intrigue behind the hottest new movie on the air.

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