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Behind The Lens With Editor AAYUSH GAUR

Film editors back in the old days would work on a machine called the MO viola, which ran film over sprockets and through a mini projector between two reels. If they didn’t use that then they would use a flat editing system that ran film though a small projector on a kitchen table size operation. The room was usually dark, so they could see the film clearly and filled with smoke because back then, everyone smoked cigarettes. Things are different now, as Aayush Gaur, the very talented editor from India will happily tell you. There is no smoke, the room is well lit, and editors now “cut” movies digitally on a computer. Same result only a different, much cleaner method.

Aayush Gaur was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh India and brought up in the small city of Vadodara, Gujarat India. He became interested in movies at an early age and when he decided to seriously pursue filmmaking, he immersed himself in learning editing software’s and cinematography, (camera work). He worked as an assistant editor with Speed Records based out of India and then moved up to the editor position on multiple projects, He did these jobs remotely from Los Angeles.

Aayush has worked in Hollywood for seven years and judging by the endless list of credits on his resumé he is pretty good at what he does as he is obviously in high demand as an editor. He is also a humble man who credits the support of his family and their belief in him for any success he might have in filmmaking. Aayush has worked on more than 30 individual projects as the chief editor, six are short films with some of which are award winners at international film festivals either for best film or best actor. More than 15 are music videos which he did for A-List Artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill, Mankirt Aulakh based out of Punjab, India, with each video having a minimum of 10-15million views on YouTube alone. Altogether, his music video work has reached over a billion views on YouTube.

As an editor Aayush has always admired the work of Jeffrey Ford who edited The Avengers, Captain America, Bloodworth, Iron Man 3, and many more. He is also a big fan of Lee Smith who has edited major films for director Christopher Nolan.

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