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Does everybody think they can make it in Hollywood? Well, a lot of people come to Tinsel Town each year to see if they can be part of the entertainment capital but only a few are truly talented enough to actually be offered jobs and work steadily. Jordan Andrews is certainly one of the lucky ones and one of the very talented people who have come to Los Angeles.

Jordan is originally from the UK, London, to be exact, and he moved to Los Angeles three years ago when he decided to leave his burgeoning career in the islands and start a full time entertainment life in the states. He can dance and sing and he can act. Since coming to California, Jordan has steadily built a fan base and his agents are constantly sending him out on jobs and auditions. Yes, I did say fan base and agents and jobs in the same sentence. You don’t hear those words used together very often because it’s almost impossible to build a loyal audience and get several agents to represent you in that short period of time. It takes years of auditions and begging agents to get you jobs before you even get close to starting a career. Yet, Jordan just flew in to town and before you know it he got an agent, then some jobs then this extremely likeable and super talented guy all of a sudden found that thousands of people knew who he was.

Jordan’s story is a dream story to be sure. But it is also the truth. He has done so many things since he has been here that most people, including many of his fans, think that he is from the southland. But the truth is – he is simply more talented than the average person who fantasizes about being a Hollywood star or a great singer or dancer. Jordan is the real thing and the jobs he landed in such a brief time prove it. He had a featured role in the TV pilot The 101, He hosted the LA Music Festival and the Philippine Independence Day Festival in Carson. He also recorded several original songs and performed in music videos, one of which is the song Unforgiven, which can be seen on Youtube and iTunes. You can see Jordan perform at some of the top nightspots in L.A. such as Belasco, Avalon, Exchange LA and Club Lure and hosting Fearless TV.