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Lilly Dennis

Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis…that’s my new mantra. I know, it sounds silly but it really works. Try it. Just repeat her name with your eyes closed and if you do it long enough and then leave home when you’re eighteen and fly over 7,500 miles to go to one of the most prestigious acting schools in the world, you too will become an excellent actress and be cast in countless plays and movies and have the time of your life.

Okay, perhaps if you leave the mantra repetition out you might still be able to do what Lilly Dennis did. She did it out of determination and by having a great deal of faith in herself and her talents, which were and are formidable. She’s a super comedian and a sterling actor. When she’s on stage or in front of the camera, she doesn’t miss a beat. She hits her mark and says her lines with the ease and conviction of someone who has been acting all her life, even though it’s only been a few years. But in that short time, she has raised the bar for other actors because of her intensity and her tenacity to be the best actor that she can possibly be.

All that inner thoughtfulness shows when Lilly takes the stage. She not only becomes the character she’s portraying, but the audience follows her the whole time she is in front of them, sometimes to the detriment of the other actors who are working along side her. Lilly has a tendency, like other great actors throughout the ages, to attract a lot of attention by simply standing in place. The audience somehow senses that something is about to happen or something important or even funny, depending on if it is a comedy or not, is going to come out of Lilly’s mouth. And, of course, she never fails to satisfy them; she always comes through.

Lilly is an uncommon person just like she’s an uncommon or unique actress. She has the sensibilities and intelligence of a serious Shakespeare actor and perfect timing of the best comedians you have ever laughed at. She has the ability to pull you into to her character no matter who she is playing and she makes you – or rather- she enables you to feel what the character is feeling, no matter what the emotion. In addition, Lilly has just finished shooting another film called ‘We need to talk’ which will premiere in Jan of 2016 in the UK and August in the US.  Lilly also  played a cold-hearted, cruel, twenty something woman who breaks up with every guy she gets into a relationship with. Then she has been confirmed to play the role of Iris in The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window by Lorian Hansberrywith a high profile theatre company in LA (yet to be released) in early 2017 which shall run for 6 months.

So, start now and repeat after me and your dreams may come true: Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis, Lilly Dennis…