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Jake Wilkens

Jake Wilkens, the Art Director, from Canada, is here on business. He’s a filmmaker and he has come to spread mirth, joy and happiness. Jake is an Art Director, which means he is totally involved with aesthetics and beauty and the creation of a scene. His job, when he is working on movies or commercials, is to bring a sense of order to each scene through color design and using the appropriate objects in the set, such as furniture, paintings, etc. Anything you see within the camera frame is what the Art Director has put there. Nothing is in the scene by chance and it’s Jake’s job to make sure that each piece enhances the emotional impact of the scene as a whole. Wow! What a great job to have.

Jake thinks so, too. He loves his job and he is clearly amazing at it. His Resume’ is too long to read in one sitting but he has quite a lot of experience in Art Directing. He’s worked on numerous commercials, short films and feature films and his carefully thought out designs have not only pleased the directors he’s worked with, but also the audiences who watch the finished films. When he’s not being an Art Director, Jake is a camera operator, cinematographer, producer, writer and director.

He wears a lot of hats, but basically, Jake Wilkens makes films. In fact, one of his films, Wanderer, in which he was the Art Director, along with the writer, producer, and co-director, did extremely well at four major international film festivals.

Jake is definitely someone who is welcome on any set and at any shoot. He brings a lot to the table and he has a great deal of talent.