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Aathira Rajeev – Presenting Bollywood in Hollywood

Today Indian moves have crossed national outskirts, and examples in the Indian Diaspora have been likewise broadening their move skylines any place they are at. Indian artists have all the difficulties of not transplanting, acquiring, impersonating, or turning into a shadow culture of some other culture. It must be an internal adventure into one’s very own self—a voyage always relating and refining the truth of the in the middle of territory, to empower convention to stream uninhibitedly in our contemporary life.

Nonetheless, an awe-capturing star from Bollywood’s brilliant time commended an achievement this year, Aathira Rajeev , the artist and on-screen character who, for after all these years, has charmed and captivated audiences with her ability. Aathira Rajeev is a choreographer out of Los Angeles, California, who is now unraveling the industry from its roots with her Bollywood dancing. This multi-talented artist is making headlines in the county with her unbelievable energy and well-complimented dance style that combines genuine tradition with modernism in her dance.

Born and raised in two different countries altogether, travel isn’t a stranger for this one. Aathira moved from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Los Angeles, California with the hunger for inspiring art. She started off with a certification in dance and quickly prospered to become a well-known dancer around the county of los Angeles.

Aathira has scored up an unprecedented measure of exhibitions. She burst into the otherworldly universe of Bollywood and Dance, on a huge scale at the age of 18, in 2014 when she was named the Dance club president of Heriot Watt University, with a remarkable execution of her position’s responsibilities by leading her team to wins at competitions several times. Aathira’s enthusiastic picturisation of the tune immediately pushed her into the stratosphere of fame. She would before long become the most loved among so many different dancers and choreographers not just in the vicinity of her town but internationally.

Aathira has always been a soul that liked mastering what it was interested in, which included old style Indian movement, like Bharatanatyam and Bhangra, and an abundance of Western styles, for example, Hip-hop and Dancehall. Recently she worked on a TV show that took nations by surprise with the level and sincerity-level of the choreography she put through. Remarkably working on the episode, Aathira gained enough praise to where the episode was selected to be the season finale of the show and received remarks such as “More entertaining than the rest” by the Director of the show.

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