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Tommy Lubbe

I had no idea Tommy Lubbe had so many fans in California. I was walking down Melrose Avenue with him and almost every girl we passed smiled and waved at him. Not at me…him. They didn’t even notice me; it was all Tommy. I didn’t really mind because I had seen this same thing happen in South Africa when we hung out for a few days.

Anyway, Tommy seemed to enjoy the attention, and who wouldn’t? Tommy is one of those guys who seems to have it made. He has everything all the other guys want, and apparently, all the girls want too. He definitely has “the look.” “The look” is hard to define but everyone knows it when they see it. Matt Damon had it in Good Will Hunting and Leonardo Di Caprio has it and Tom Cruise has it. Tommy has that unexplainable something that compels people to look at him. Tommy also has a great personality and an abundant supply of talent and intelligence. He can model, and has done so successfully for years in print and commercials. He’s also a well-known South African actor who has been in countless films, plays, TV shows and commercials.

He didn’t just snap his fingers and wish that he could be a distinguished leading man, he got to where he is today through a great deal of hard work and dedication. After many years of exhaustive training, Tommy hit the bricks and went out and got acting jobs for himself. He was featured in several high profile short films, along with a sitcom on MNET, a South African national TV channel. He was also cast in stage plays in which he was favorably singled out by critics and applauded by the audience. Tommy has a lot of acting experience and it shows in each role he takes. When he walks onto a stage or a shooting set, he has presence, which, some say, gives him an unfair advantage over the other actors. He, of course, takes all of these kinds of comments in stride. To him, presence just means hitting your mark and being on time, and nothing more.

It also means that all of his experience preparing for and performing roles have helped him become a better actor. Roles like an architectural student in the film Die Klooster, and a doctor in the movie 5 Minutes, along with playing an American waiter in a South African sitcom, which was broadcast throughout the country, only add to his lengthy experience as a professional actor. When he takes on a role, he takes it on one hundred percent.

Walking down the street in Hollywood with Tommy Lubbe was a great experience.
We saw Hollywood at its best. He is a gracious human being and we are lucky to have him come to Hollywood and work.