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Mon Castro, a gifted producer making waves in Hollywood.

Named one of the top 10 pioneering leaders revolutionizing the entertainment field, Mon Castro is an award nominated filmmaker with a multidisciplinary background. Interested in film and television since her childhood, Mon pinpointed her passion for being a Producer after producing a Día De Los Muertos themed theatre play in high school. Being the first person in her family to choose the artistic route, Mon got immersed in the film industry in Mexico City during her late teens. In less than a decade, she has climbed to the top and earned renowned recognition internationally. The films she has produced have screened in multiple international film festivals and have been nominated for prestigious awards, including the Owen Roizman Student Heritage Award from the ASC. The reception of her work has been exceptional, and she is particularly proud of the word-of-mouth that her film Punk Talk has had among young women.

Through her work, she is interested in giving visibility to lifestyles that haven’t been represented often in pop culture. She aims to deconstruct romantic love and the stereotypes that it entails, as well as giving visibility to the asexual community, which she is part of. She is also a feminist activist, and a big advocate for animal rights. Despite dealing with serious topics, Mon enjoys working with a comedic and camp tone. Her voice as a filmmaker leans towards all things ironic and absurd, but she remains multifaceted. 

Most recently, she was a producer on Cuando Volvimos A La Tierra, one of the three finalists of the McDonald’s Spotlight Dorado competition, which supports Latinx and Hispanic filmmakers working in Hollywood.

Instagram: @moncastrob


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mon-castro-1896a3228

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