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The Buni Milani Show Finale Will Send Chills Down Your Spine Her voice is mesmerizing

If you thought Buni Milani was only visually enchanting, you have just been proven wrong. In her last show of the season, Milani delivers a slowed down version of her song, “Let Me Know”, which she wrote entirely on her own and co-produced. The way her voice smoothly rides the soft instrumental will make you feel all things good. You can feel the emotion in her voice which is a lost art in a lot of today’s music. Milani shows her vulnerability very well in this record and it translates so well that you could fall in love in a matter of minutes.

The mere fact that you can only hear Milani is what is so intriguing about her performance. It leaves the mind to create its own visual, making the listener a co-creator of that moment. It’s a genius idea to get people to focus on the details of her voice and the sensuality of the song.

There has been no announcement about whether Milani will be performing her latest project, “Juicy”, but fans can expect the release of her magazine and calendar in the coming weeks.

Check out The Buni Milani Show on bunimilani.com to feel the good vibes.

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