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Music Producer Jake Carmona Setting The Standard For Quality

Jake Carmona is a record producer or a music producer. He’s also a recording engineer and he’s been steadily working in the music industry for over eighteen years. Most people, when they think of musicians or singers going into the studio to make a record have the image that they just walk in go into a sound booth and play their music or sing their songs and they are magically recorded and the album goes to number one with a bullet in a day or two. Well, that’s not entirely factual but it is pretty close – minus a few details. 

The magical part certainly resonates with that process because the producer and the recording engineer both bring a certain skillset along with experience and artistry that amounts to real magic when it comes to enhancing any musician’s or singer’s recordings. The producer, by definition, has control over all technical and creative decisions on the project and the recording or audio or sound engineer uses his or her technical expertise to improve the musical piece by adjusting the sound levels, positioning the microphone, using equalization and audio effects, mixing and monitoring sound sources, among scores of other things. 

Jake Carmona is one of the leading music producers and recording engineers in Mexico and his high level competence and judgment have been earned through years of working with musicians and singers in different studios. He began in Los Garza, Mexico as the recording engineer for his dad, the famous guitarist, Kukin Carmona. During the first couple of years that he worked at that studio he worked with Tatiana (la reina de los niños), El Poder del Norte, Los Reyes del Camino, Palomo, Pedro Fernandez, Liberación, Los Temerarios, Brindys, Samuray, to name just a few. 

He moved to other studios where he learned music hardware and software and worked with more talented groups and solo artists. He took some time off to study music production in Avignon, France under Grammy Award winning producer/recording engineer Jacquire King. A year later he was at Mixla Studio in Tarzana, California learning from another producer/recording engineer who was also a Grammy Award winner, Chris Lord Alge. Shortly after that Jake went to Platinum Sound studio in New York City to study with legendary recording and mixing engineer Andy Wallace. Jake is one of those producers and recording engineers who feels comfortable in any studio, in any country. He understands what needs to be done and he comes in and gets the job done and makes the best record possible.

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