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Elijah sommerz on investing as a beginner – INCLUDING REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TIPS |

To be a beginner as an investor can be challenging and also stressful, you days start of like today is yesterday and tomorrow is next week, the following principles are applied naturally you also have to pick a selected market time to trade.

In my opinion as a young investor is that long term investment vehicles are the best to start off with for long term equity’s growth.

1.    Start Early: Anytime is a good time to start investing. But the earlier you start the more the money you stand to make – simple.

Foreign Exchange Investments

2.    Keep at it: A Mutual Fund is a long term investment option – consider investing via an SIP or Systematic Investment Plan and keep it going for as many years as possible – the longer the better – note that long term means at least 5, 10, 15 or 20- years of disciplined investing.

3.    Step Up: While you can start with just 500 a month, if you want to look at a sizeable corpus, at least start with 2000 or 3000 or even 5000 and keep increasing your -> SIP amounts annually as your income levels grow. At 25 years of age, a 5000 rupee SIP may sound good but at age 35, it should be at least 20,000 per month if possible if not more.

4.    Stay Resilient: Markets will go up and down over a 5–10–15–20 year time frame and that’s but natural.

Keep in mind to stay claim

5.     Don’t panic with these fluctuations – do you know that SIPs tend to do better in fluctuating markets rather than one way markets (falling or rising) – so the more the fluctuations the better the opportunity.

6.    Don’t over diversify: Stick to 3–4 funds at the most – ideally 1 large cap, 1 multi-cap and maybe 1 mid-small cap and 1 thematic / sector fund at most. 3 is ideal!

7.    Brands: go with well established, reputed fund houses. Not reputed or star fund managers! Remember Fund Managers can change but the process oriented approach of a reputed fund house can never go wrong over time.

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The first step on your path is to become familiar with the jargon (lingo) that is used in the real estate industry; reading a couple of books or taking a real estate course could achieve this.

Key takeaway:

 Truth be told.

A financial advisor is the one who helps out when you need to manage your stocks and shares and truth be told however experienced you are in the stock market industry it is always advisable to keep one. They have a great knowledge about what’s happening in the stock industry. -Elijah sommerz

In conclusion, although it’s easy to think that your star fund manager and or your personal investment financial advisor has everything under control, but I will inform you that that is not the case you have to stay on top of your investment as an investor at all measurers .-Elijah sommerz

  For our reader and viewers

  For our reader and viewers out there that  are aware of Elijah sommerz we will give you a briefing below on the Toronto  entrepreneur celeb . 


ELIJAH SOMMERZ Overall is Networking Guru and Technology guru who is employed as a Full Time serial Entrepreneur [REF] who is also a Talent Manager he’s currently an active modern day Investor who is also a raising public figure for being an Antagonistic Advocate for social justice for Afrocentric Canadians.


Robert Vernon also  known as Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian to be noted as a public figure for conducting a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts on the underlying constitutionality within the corrections & competition Acts. 

 MR Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon to advocate at the meeting.Currently He is an talent manager that manages artists and other human resources related applicants. [REF]-


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