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A Look Behind The Lens With Model Ruby Sumegi

Ahh…the life of a successful model must be so fun and glamorous: hobnobbing with all the other beautiful people, traveling the world, staying in 5-star hotels, being on the cover of nationally known magazines, walking the red carpet at special events. Well, all that certainly seems like a good time, no doubt, but what about all the hard work, the long stream of rejections, the constant getting into character for castings, pretending not to be a nervous wreck, the never ending weight maintenance, the hair and nails and skin upkeep, and so much more?

Ruby Sumegi, the Australian model, knows just what we are talking about. She has been modeling since she was ten, when she first moved to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia. She was “discovered” and then got her first agent. She really became serious about modeling when she signed with State Model Management in L.A. when she was thirteen. That was only three years ago, but the way she has fully grasped a complete overview of the modeling universe is astounding. Talking to her is like talking to someone with an advanced university degree who can articulate their way through just about any subject at all. She does excel, however, at explaining the rather exotic world of modeling.

Besides being stunningly beautiful, Ruby is also an astute observer of her immediate sphere of activity that is, modeling. She is much more mature than her years in that she can speak fluidly and intelligently about her profession, which is way ahead of others who are on the same path. She is also someone who genuinely appreciates her job and she loves working with so many brilliant photographers, designers, creative directors, stylists, and hair and makeup artists. To quote Ruby: “Every person I have worked with has taught me a lesson. That’s a gift. To me modeling is all about learning and taking advice and learning from the people that are around you.” She goes on to point out that in general, you don’t work with the same people every single day. In fact, once a job is over, and you move to a new job, a new group of creative people will be there for you to work with. There will be new talent, new ideas, new colors, new backgrounds – new everything. There will also be new opportunities to learn new things.

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