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The Excellence of Sound Engineer Jerome Renard

Movies and music are wonderful because they not only entertain us but they can actually make us feel things. A lot of people go back and see the same movie over and over again and listen to the same song simply because they want to experience the emotion that they felt when they first saw the film or heard the music. Movies all begins with a script, as we know, and the director and actors and cinematographer are all key elements in helping shape the emotional backbone of the film. But if you stop and listen closely to a great movie or a terrific piece of recorded music you will find something that most of us have never imagined before: layers and layers of added or mixed sound that you never noticed before.

Jerome Renard is an excellent sound engineer and he is the one who magically adds and mixes sounds to the original sound track and those seemingly tiny and almost unnoticeable digital bits that can make a good piece of music a great piece of music and a good movie a great movie. Next time you watch a movie or have your ear buds on listen closely to what is coming through your ears and into your brain. Jerome can up the volume on a guitar here and lower the bass in the next bar and he can add the sounds of lions roaring in the distance if your film is showing an African savannah or put you at ease by adding the soft and comforting calls of crickets in the backyard.

Being a mix or sound engineer takes a lot of creativity and a great deal of focus. It also takes a lot of experience, which is something Jerome Renard has plenty of. He studied Electronics and IT after high school in his home country of Belgium and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering from SAE International Institute. He interned at Sos-Recording during his college years but also in various studios such as Real World while he was in England. After graduation Jerome was hired at Sos-Recording and became the Second Main Engineer.

His career blossomed and moved forward at a fast pace because of his immense talents and his ability to focus and get the job done. He worked with scores of well-known artists and even worked with the government of Belgium as the main engineer for new studio development. Jerome is busy as ever and the artists he work with have appeared in many medium such as La Meuse, La RTBF, Air France Airline, BBC Radio 4, London Jazz News, Jazz FM etc..

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