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A Foreign Love Mini Series

foreign love
foreign love

In a society where the words “I love you” scare even the bravest of us all, where keeping things casual and terms like “we’re talking”, or “we are just chillin” are the rule; and where the status of a relationship is determined by whether or not is official on Facebook, the art of dating can be a bit complicated.

Foreign Love is a new mini-series that will be released in 2016. The series follows the story of four foreign friends who are trying to navigate the complicated world of dating in the United States. Although from different countries from all over the world, the girls are united by their crazy (or very normal) dating experiences.

Starring Mela Lopez, Lilly Dennis, Hannah Jieun and Ximena Casillas, the series promises to be one of the most honest, entertaining and relevant coming in the New Year.  All four actresses were recently involved in a panel interview for the series in which they all spoke about their experiences working with an all foreign cast.  Lopez and Casillas, who both come from Mexico stated, “It was nice being able to speak in Spanish in a mainly English script for once.”  Tasmanian actress Lilly Dennis was asked about her Tasmanian background as well, “Well I don’t speak another language but I definitely felt like I am the first person to play someone from TASMANIA on a show, so I am very proud of that.”

So stay tuned and watch out for the series release in 2016.

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