Adrian Annis- An actor you will not forget!

Adrian Annis


I’ve interviewed a lot of actors and most of them are memorable in some way. Some of them had beautiful eyes or faces, while others had unique voices or a command of the language. Once in a while I am fortunate enough to come across an actor – or rather, a human being who just happens to be an actor – who has something more than the run of the mill person. Adrian Annis is one of those bright people. When he sat down for the interview, I could tell immediately that this one was going to be different. I could sense, before he said a word that he was going to be a different kind of personality. And I was right on both counts.

Adrian Annis is different. And different is always interesting. He has the face of someone who has seen a great deal in life, yet isn’t weathered or jaded. His eyes are expressively gentle but can change that impression in an instant if his character demands it of him. Adrian’s high intelligence was recognizable before he even said one word, and once he does start talking you know it to be true.

Adrian’s natural magnetism puts him up there in the top 3 or 4% of actors, whose talents are in such high demand. He’s been in almost a hundred productions in the twelve years he’s been in the business. He’s been in so many things that when strangers see him on the street, they automatically say “Hi” to him as if he’s a neighbor. He’s played parts in commercials and TV shows, including “Ashes to Ashes” and “The Bill” among many, many more. Adrian was also in the last two Harry Potter movies as one of the main Deatheaters. He enjoyed those films and since he works on a great deal of independent films, he appreciated seeing how big budget internationally released movies operate. He noticed that it’s the same process, (filmmaking is basically the same process all over the world, no matter what the budget is) but the sets are better and bigger and the food is higher quality and there’s much more of it . Other feature films Adrian was featured in were “Demons and Doors,” “Dumar: The Rising,” “Darkness into Light” and “Survivors” just to name a few.

Adrian tends toward playing the challenging roles in films. He likes to portray characters that are out of the ordinary. Somehow, that seems to fit this man’s personality perfectly.

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