The game is full of acrobatic action which features single as well as multiplayer first person shooting. The compaction and the depiction of towering robots have earned it such a big position in the gaming industry that it is also considered the rival of Call of Duty. In the first part of the game, the lack of single person is handled with such a great efficiency that all the flaws that we found in the first part are reduced to a minimum.

The game features the story of a rifleman Jack Cooper. The pairing of Cooper and BT is awesome. The interesting thing is that both the characters act according to their archetypes, and that makes the game a parallel running of two perspectives at the same time. BT is an epitome of artificial intelligence and represents logic. BT also easily misunderstands the colloquial and emotional phrases of Jack. On the other hand, Jack seems as an ordinary man without any extraordinary qualities. It becomes obvious from the game that both of them do not build relationships like that of friends, but one thing is clear that they develop mutual respect for one another and in the time of need also care for one another.

9 Chapters
The game is categorized into 9 chapters, and the pair of Jack and BT makes the game even more interesting. We find when we play the game, that all the chapters are of different design and each chapter is unique in its own right. We witness jungles, factories, military establishments, debris fields, and many other interesting scenes. The panoramic views and outstanding vistas take us to a whole new world.
When you play the game, you will find that each level is big enough that you can play it for hours, and at the same time, it is coherent enough that you will never feel lost. Most levels are linear and that is why they will give you an illusion of freedom, but in reality, they are much more complex than you can think of.

Size of Titans and Jack
When you play the game the size of Jack, when compared to other titans, seems significantly small, and at times it even seems insignificant. When Jack is piloting the titan BT, he seems significantly big, but he is still so small when compared to the overall background of giant buildings and other titans. In reality, Jack isn’t made insignificant because while creating the game levels, both Jack as well as BT are kept in mind.

Obstacles and Enemies
The game features many obstacles as well as many enemies. For instance, the extreme obstacles are heat, cold, fatal wastes, and electrical discharges. But the thing worth mentioning is that here Typhon’s environment is also your enemy.

The game is not monotonous at all, and at different levels in the game, you are introduced with different new campaigns, puzzles, and paths. The game also allows you to use multiple punchy firearms.The CD Key of this game can be purchased from G2A.