What The Pros Weak – 5 Best Drumming Shoes

Everybody has their preferences. In the drumming world, every drummer has their drumming shoe preferences. One drummer might die by his favorite drumming shoe while another will advocate that playing barefooted is the way to go!

What do the professional drummers at have to say on the matter?  After all, they’re the ones in the best position to provide somewhat of a reliable answer. We compiled a list of the top 5 drumming shoes. This is what the professional drummers wear. In addition, we also give you the benefits and disadvantages of playing barefooted like some of the pros.


The 5 Best Drumming Shoes


  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars


I don’t believe you can get any more iconic than the Chucks. Guys like Tré Cool, the drummer of Green Day, and Jojo Mayer rock the Chucks.


The flat sole coupled with a good grip and the fact that it’s available in many colors to make it a go-to choice for the pros.


  1. Vans Authentic

Almost as iconic as the Chucks, Vans are worn by the legendary Travis Barker of Blink-182.

The Vans Authentic pair is also loved because of their flat sole and good grip. The “Lo Pro” option provides an even slimmer sole and the “Lite” option pair are lighter than the regular shoes.

  1. Puma Drift Cat

The Puma Drift Cats are worn by many high profile drummers. Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang of stOrk,  Mike Mangini of Dream Theatre all play with the Drift Cat.

The Drift Cat has a thin sole and is lightweight, making them ideal drumming shoes. In addition, they are made out suede,  making them very durable.

  1. dB Drum Shoe

The dB drum shoes have a low toe spring,  a very breathable upper material and even an anti-fungal sock lining to prevent odor.

Alex Bent, the current drummer of Trivium and former drummer of Battlecross,  sports a pair of dB drumming shoes.

  1. Vratim Drum Shoe

A thin sole mixed with the right amount of grip, the Vratim Drum Shoe are a great pair of shoes but also for casual wear. The thicker upper material makes them more durable.

Youtube drummer sensation, Casey Cooper,  made an in-depth review of the Vratim shoe on his YouTube channel. In his video, he stated that the Vratim shoes not only look good but also feel good.

What about playing barefooted?

Considered to be one of the most influential drummers of all, Nicko Mcbrain, prefers to play barefooted.

Why play barefooted?

Why do so many drummers prefer to play barefoot? Well playing barefoot offers a greater feel and control for some drummers.

In addition, no shoes equal less weight. Being that your foot is lighter, it is much easier to play faster and with more complex techniques and rhythms.

However, the increase in control and tactile feel comes with a price. With no shoes comes the decrease in protection for the foot.

Side effects of playing barefooted

To adapt to the stress being put on the feet, blisters will begin to develop in the areas where there is increased friction.

These blisters require proper treatment to prevent infection.

With time, thick areas of skin, calluses, will begin to develop in the wiliest used areas.

Sweaty feet are also a very common side effect of playing barefooted. Having a towel or wearing socks are all options to control the sweating.

Whether you’re playing barefooted or with a pair of the best drumming shoes that the pros wear, what matters is what best fits you.