New Century Bail Bonds

One of the most stressful and emotional times in a person’s life is figuring out how to get out of custody when they’ve been arrested New Century Bail Bonds is definitely the place to go when dealing with a sticky situation such as this. A phone call to Tiki can start the process of alleviating this.  Above all else, Tiki is concerned about a person’s well-being and getting them out as fast as possible.  She is professional with a personal touch.

 At New Century Bail Bonds see all  clients as family members. There 1st priority is getting client out of jail.  They provide fast, caring and private support to our clients from the time we receive the call – until the arrest issue has been resolved.  They understand that being arrested is most likely the scariest experience a person will go through and you are not alone.  You are more than an application, you are a person who may or may not understand the arrest and court process… we do.. And will walk you through it.
They  believe that a hug goes along way so when one of clients is released from jail, we embrace them with a hug to let them know that we understand the emotions they are going through and to say to them that it’s ok.  We GOT you!

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