Wherever she goes she gets an award or there is someone who is telling her what a good actress she is and how they love to work with her. We should all be so lucky! Sevda Levent is one of those uncommon, extraordinary people who just happen to be an actress. She is one of those one in a million unfortunate types who will just have to put up with compliments for the rest of her life.

She has done her homework though, and she’s paid her dues so we feel that every bit of praise she gets is to her credit and she deserves it. When she won the best Actress Award for her performance in Jonathon Skinner’s Fallout for the Player-Playwrights Company, she deserved it. She was fantastic in it and no one can take that away from her. That same year (2015), she was in two plays, The Call and Couples Therapy and John Morrison, the Chairman of the Player-Playwrights, and also former judge for the infamous Olivier Awards said, “Great to see our P-P Actress of the Year 2014 Sevda Levent at tonight’s Foot In The Door showcase at the Arts Theatre Upstairs. She brought superb comic timing and chutzpah to the role of a relentlessly upbeat relationship counsellor advising two gay men. Her performance was the highlight of the evening.” We say WOW to that!

Just this year, in London, where she lives, Sevda was hired as a runner and stand-in for award winning director Polly Steele’s Let Me Go, starring Juliet Stevenson and Jodhi May. The directors and producers loved her so much that they cast her in a role in the film. The producer said that if he had met her before he would have cast her in a larger role. She played a supporting role in a scene with Juliet Stevenson.

Just after that, Sevda was cast in a TV pilot series, Lodgers, starring Nigeria’s most famous actor and comedian Ayo Makun. Then immediately following Lodgers she was then cast in a short film, COFFEE. She is currently in meetings with agents and managers, producers and directors both in the UK and across the pond.

The feedback she has had from managers, agents and directors such as Breaking Bad director Charles Haid, has been more than positive. They have used words such as “powerful’, and she has a ‘spark’, ‘extremely talented’, ‘interesting’, ‘intelligent’, ‘funny yet heart breaking’, ‘very watchable’ & that she has “IT.” We think so, too.