KiNg EmErY Royalty Fees Album Review

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, KiNg EmErY held great interest in rapping, eventually making his passion his line of work and career. Rapping since he was in grade 3, he used music as his way of expressing his emotions and everyday life struggles making himself highly relatable to many others all across the internet. Earlier in the year 2018, he released his first mixtape called “Critically Acclaimed” which ended up getting him a lot of attention on the national level. Soon after he started his record label; Money Maker Nation. 

Staying dedicated to his passion, he progressed further and worked on his next album named “Royalty Fees” in which he collaborated with N’Less Fee. His album gets released in April 2020 on the 3rd. He works under his record label as an entrepreneur and as a rapper with big dreams and places to go.

KiNg Emery believes in expressing his inner struggles and the emotions that make him a human, often tweeting about how he feels. Other than his mixtapes, his social media gives his fans a good insight into how he is as a person and as a rapper who is already on his road to success. His Instagram bio says, “The people chose me, I just make songs.” 

Interestingly enough, the songs which did not make it into his debut album featuring N’Less Fee, he chose to release those songs into mixtapes with several different numbers and had his fans get all hype for his upcoming album with the released extended plays. Working his way up the ladder, the rapper is gaining the attention of all the hip-hop lovers across America at a rapid pace, making him stand out even more with the music he makes. 

Previously, he rapped about the effect of old relationships in his first mixtape, Critically Acclaimed, which is something many people can relate with. This time, many of his fans are highly anticipating his music and what he brings forth with his debut album. Fingers crossed for the bops he drops just as we get into the new-year spirit.

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