Rahul Nath’s ‘Khazana’ is one Best Movie to watch again!

Rahul Nath’s KHAZANA is a movie that has the two words ‘controversial impact’, all over it .
The movie showcases a host of South Asian actors from all over the world including the excellent lead, Canadian born, Ulka Simone Mohanty (The Moody’s)) who takes on the lead in the most effortless way and portrays the darkness she is experiencing in her traumatic world, with utmost truth.

Joining her are Atlanta based, Ahmed Lucan (Sully) who excels as her abusive husband and the extremely talented India born, Shruti Tewari (You) who portrays one of the meanest characters seen in filmmaking.
Other notable actors include Reem Kadem (Blood Ride) as the undeniably amazing sexy and sultry vixen, Bahram Khosraviani (Argo) as the well played out psychiatrist with a hidden agenda, and rounding up the cast are Sonam Arvind Dhage and Laikh Tewari, who both provide excellent comedic relief.
Rahul Nath too makes an appearance in the movie in a pivotal role, that is nothing short of brilliant.

The storyline which operates in the movie does an excellent job of throwing in your face the issues that victims of domestic abuse are exposed to, be it verbal, mental, emotional and unfortunately the most common of all, physical abuse.

Director Rahul Nath has not held back in any shape or form and credit to him he has told the truth that needs to be told and shown to the world. A very brave attempt by a young and new filmmaker, KHAZANA will surely cause an some effect in the South Asian community, be it that of a positive nature and helping victims to stand up and put a stop, or be it that the truth has been told and the South Asian community carries on and turns a blind eye to all the abuse that is happening around them
Bravo to the team of KHAZANA for putting together a bold and fearless movie and bravo to Rahul Nath for having the guts to share this story.
Let this revenge BE served.

Rahul Nath’s ‘Khazana
Rahul Nath’s ‘Khazana



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