Captain America: Civil War Trailer

We’ve got ALL the Captain America Civil War Trailer Easter Eggs! The Civil War Easter Eggs and References tease the Captain America: Civil War plot, but the FIRST Civil War Trailer for Captain America 3 doesn’t give away ALL the details, heh.

Marvel loves making their Marvel MCU movies with all kinds of Marvel references and Marvel / Captain America Easter Eggs that they can. Yes, we know the Captain America: Civil War Trailer has been out for nearly a week already, but we to do our good ol Marvel Trailer Analysis at the level that only New Rockstars can. Who would have thought we’d have a Captain America Civil War 2015 trailer when the Civil War release date isn’t until May 2016. I guess a lot of people, but it’s still surprising.

This Civil War trailer has so many clues as to what Iron Man and Captain America have going on, with Cap / Steve Roger’s friendship with Bucky / Winter Soldier messing everything up! There are also so many badass sneak peeks including seeing Crossbones, Agent 13, and Martin Freeman. We don’t get a glimpse at Baron Zemo or Spider-Man or Ant-Man even, but we do see freaking BLACK PANTHER a lot. Some people think Black Panther is taking the Spider-Man role from the Civil War comics and Spider-Man and Vision will just be cameos. We also have Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch in there, so you might not be surprised that the answer to the questions: Is Thor in Civil War? and is Hulk in Civil War? Is “no.” to both of them. Captain America: Civil War, is probably too big to fit them!

Anyway, watch our Captain America: Civil War Trailer Analysis and Easter Egg Identifying, to see what IS in there, including the Sokovia Accords instead of the Superhero Registration Act, and let us know if there’s anything we missed!


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