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Celine Schmink Selfies

Celine Schmink may have started her career as an songwriter and  but she soon showed that her musical talents were perhaps even stronger as she piled up hit singles and she is also very famous as a french pop folk style singer and Associate songwriter of SACEM . At the age of 5, she went to the Ballet School but finally she was much more interested in the piano’s cadence and all genres of rhythm than in the pure dance techniques. Later, she studied Arts and dance at La Sorbonne University, in Paris and started to create her own solos for ballet, modern dance and butoh. She has also created a complete gesture method that currently gets more famous (artists from all over the world use it to increase their creativity) called Primitive Approach Gesture Method ®. Her musical work is regularly praised by the regional and national press and broadcast in France, Greece, Australia and the USA, where she leads a bilingual performing career. After twelve years as a freelance journalist on behalf of major magazines (Christianity, Life, Amina, spiritual, France Soir, Entrepreneurship etc.), she devoted herself full-time to writing his own books and composition. It is notably lyricist for many performers in France and the USA and she finally went through producing La ballade d’Anissa “, 3 songs about Paris, cabaret dancers, ballet and artists as Garbo. This EP has been described by some music critics as “atmospherical electro pop” and “emotional music”. She also got an article from the famous french music magazine ” Keyboard KR Home studio “. Her EP has been chosen by the australian brand ” Slinky sleeves “ for their fashion show. Many press critics have talked about an “emotional and different voice”. Speaking of “La ballade d’Anissa”, many artists and singers as Diego Baeza, Vassilis Babaniaris (greek rockstar) and others said “The songs are a journey in vintage Paris and French cabarets”. The songs (“La ballade d’Anissa”, “Alexandre”, “Vivement l’été”) have gained good reviews in Europe and Australia. Finally it helped her to go on and move on with a brand new project : her LP, ” Paris-Memphis “. This LP is comprised of 13 classic tracks for a total playing time of nearly 50 minuts. It’s a tribute to road trip and American bluesy music. She went to radios (in France, Belgium, USA and Eire) to promote it and She has also been a guest in the famous humoristic french show ” JJDA ” on IDF1 channel. Now she working on a new LP with famous and talented musician Eric Miller. Her new album will contain 10 tracks, in french, all about love affairs ! Here are Celine Schmink selfies ,Celine Schmink selfies instagram, selfies photos of Celine Schmink, Celine Schmink cute selfies, Celine Schmink charity party selfie, Celine Schmink debut EP promo Selfie, Celine Schmink in TV_show  Selfie, Celine Schmink valentines concert  Selfie..

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