patrick kuan
patrick kuan

That’s what the headline said.

But does California really need another super model? I mean California has over 38 million people and aren’t like 35 million of those already movie stars or super models? Well, that remains to be proven I guess, but the question stands, “Does California really need another super model?

After talking to a few people in Santa Monica about this important subject, the resounding consensus was “Absolutely Yes!” But there was a contingency to the answer and it was a pretty straightforward one, echoed by every one that I interviewed. They said that since there are so many movie stars and super models already in place in California, what was needed was a nice person with a fresh face. A face that was recognizable from a distance and one that inspired awe and dropped jaws when viewed up close. Then a name came up that seemed to fit the bill perfectly: Patrick Kuan.

Yes, that Patrick Kuan. He’s that beautiful, (did I say beautiful? I meant extremely handsome), male model who has been the face of so many international companies such as Levi’s, Armani, Adidas, DKNY and a hundred thousand others that are just too numerous to mention. He has the face that has launched a thousand brands and will no doubt be launching a thousand more, only not from his native England, but from his new home in Santa Monica.

When Patrick Kuan’s name came up all the interviewees quieted down and relaxed. It looked like they were going to get their wish after all. A nice guy who’s a high-profile personality with a fresh face. Yes, another super model has moved to California, but hey, where would you move if you were a super model? You would most likely buy a place that was only six blocks from one of the world’s most popular beaches, which is Santa Monica, of course. You would also love to take your dog for walks in a very pet-friendly town, Santa Monica, once again. And then you would also want to be close to work, (Santa Monica is part of Los Angeles), and close to a large airport so you could fly anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, (Los Angeles International Airport, of course).

We all think Patrick Kuan made the right choice when he moved to Santa Monica. Hopefully, he’ll invite us to join him when he walks his dog every once in a while.

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